Tilbury Dock Info

Tilbury Docks and landing stage are approximately 20 miles from The Granby Hotel. By car sat nav says This journey will take 35 mins but could take considerably longer depending on the traffic as you need to use the Dartford crossing which is a notorious traffic black spot.

Dartford crossing also costs £2.50 each way, (From 10pm until 6am it is free). This is payable online either in advance or within 24 hours after using the crossing. (www.gov.uk dart charge)

If traveling from the hotel to Tilbury we can arrange a Taxi if needed which is approx £45.

Gravesend has a foot ferry that crosses to Tilbury on a regular basis excluding Sundays. Please see the link above for more information

You can leave your car at the hotel during your trip @ £5.00 per night.

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